About our products

CYAN MOBILE – Mobile Operators

We offer ISPs (mobile and fixed-line operators) an effective solution for ensuring safety of their end-customers in the online world. Within no more than 50 days, we can fully integrate the solution into the operator’s network. Mobile operators then offer our products under their own brand.

All filtering is based on comparing those parts of URLs that do not contain any sensitive data - we do not use query, path etc. for filtering because they might theoretically contain private data of the users. We do not perform DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) either. This ensures we fully protect end-users’ privacy.

Additionally, since our servers are integrated into the operator’s network, we do not use VPN connection.

Therefore, we can protect your customers’ online activities regardless of the platform they use and without the necessity to install any applications to their end devices – even when they do not connect to the internet via their mobile operator’s data network.

Our products:

  • Safe Internet (Internet protection)
    This product protects customers from various internet threats, such as phishing attacks, scams, viruses and malicious software in general. Before the customer enters a dangerous website, information of the threat and a recommendation not to visit the site are displayed. The client receives the recommendation before proceeding to download any potentially dangerous data to the target device. If the customers want to visit the website despite the warning, they can easily do so by clicking on the relevant button on the notification screen.

  • Protection of children on the internet (Child protection)
    Unlike the previous product, in the “Child Protection” scheme we strictly block dangerous or inappropriate websites containing materials such as pornography, gambling, violence, or drugs. A children can use push notifications to send requests for enabling access to blocked content to this parents. Parents can then in real time decide about the suitability of such requests. Similarly, parents can manage the applications in their child’s mobile phone – parents can decide what applications may be installed or launched and when. All the settings are available either in an application in the parent’s mobile phone or via an online web interface.

  • Safe internet for your business (Business protection)
    Safe internet for businesses combines both of the above products – it protects the user from online threats and gives the owner of the company a good overview of the way the company’s devices are used. With this feature, it is possible to draw a clear line between what the employees are allowed to do with their mobile devices during and outside their working hours.

Cyan system

CYAN NETWORKS – Corporate Networks

Our Secure Web Gateway offers our corporate customers solutions for complete administration of web traffic in their corporate networks. This gateway enables our customers to:

  • Ensure that their corporate network is protected against phishing and malicious software.
  • Prevent access to dangerous content – each customer can define dangerous content in accordance with their company policy.
  • Influence the online behaviour of the users of their corporate network.
  • Stop other threats at the gateway.
  • Ensure perfect scalability of the whole solution – from a virtual machine to a cluster.

What are the advantages of Secure Web in comparison with other products? One of its main advantages is the approach to configuration. From the viewpoint of setting up rules for your network, Secure Web is much simpler to use. Unlike our competition, we do not approach this task traditionally by creating, chaining and overwriting rules. You can create user roles within your company and add exceptions for specific users.

This makes the resulting configuration much more transparent and comprehensible, which enables the customers to have the whole setup firmly under control. Unlike the traditional approach, where it does not take long before such configuration becomes a huge cluster of rules with a lot of room for errors and random interference.

Selected features of the Secure Web product:

  • SSL interception
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-phishing
  • Application blocking
  • URL categorization
  • Web 2.0 Control
  • Daily updates
  • Reverse proxy
  • Bandwidth management
  • Reporting
  • Central management
  • Clustering
Cyan system